Time has gone by so fast since I’ve started on my new journey.  I’m feeling so blessed and I’m ready to restart  my embroidery business.  When I had the dream almost 15 years ago there were so many obstacles and set-backs that I stopped planning and just did a little here and a little there.  It’s amazing how prayers are answered and things start happening when you are ready to quit.  Just a little note…Quitting was never an option.

     When I brought my first machine, I called my little project “Sew Perfect” and Psalm 139:14 was my scripture.  It’s still my scripture for my new business but I have a new name…”The Studio”  I know, there’s a lot of businesses with that name but for me it just feels so right.   When I get up in the morning and say out loud “It’s time to go to The Studio”, I feel empowered and creative.   I still have a lot of  forms to complete before I become officially open for business and I hope to announce soon the grand opening of The Studio.


     I am still writing and hopefully I can publish my new book this year.  It will have some really special writings along with my off the wall poetry.  It’s a fun book, full of love, joy and peace.  There will be a special chapter dedicated to some my love ones and friends that have transition to glory.  Also some of my favorite facebook posting that I think are inspirational and encourageing.

     I count all of you as one of my special blessings and really need to thank everyone who has supported, encouraged and prayed for my ministry, talents and gifts.   May God continue to bless our journeys beyond our expectations.  Continue to pray for me as I use my poetry as a witness to Gods love, goodness, grace and mercy.

    I Dream   I Cry   I Laugh   I Sing   I Dance   I Write  

I Love   I Live






     Terry Catherine Potillo is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where she has worked in various healthcare positions for over 30 years.  Her gift for sewing and crafts came at the early age of 14 but has since transition from making clothes to embroidery and painting.  Encouraged by others she developed a love for poetry. In May 2011, Terry published her first book, “Poetry Through My Journey. Me, Myself and God.”  She found peace, healing and self encouragement through writing  She is a proud mom to Aaron and Noree and one awesome grandson.

     “Poetry Through My Journey.  Me, Myself and God”  can be ordered  directly from my publisher

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